1. it is your Úschovna, your on-line storage place

enhanced and tailor-made exactly for you

2. your packages will never get lost

an overview of stored and received packages

And what’s more, you can store your packages permanently because Úschovnaplus provides you with 50 GB of space for your data, which you send frequently and don’t want to upload them again every time.

3. unlimited number of downloads

you can send and share your packages unlimitedly

You will no longer run into a situation in which you can’t download a package. You can send and download it how many times you like. Or you can share it on Facebook and elsewhere. But you don’t need to worry - no one else than you will get into your Úschovna account :)

4. all that is available now for a great price

You can start sending your packages without limits in a moment

3 months 79 CZK on-line payment 99 CZK SMS payment
1 year 259 CZK on-line payment 349 CZK SMS payment
terms of use
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